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About our club

Student’s club Pod-O-Lee was established in 1998 and currently is the second largest club of the CTU Student Union. The club is completely run by student volunteers, who decided to grab this wonderful opportunity to enhance their work experience.

We will be happy to welcome foreign students among us as well, thus feel free to contact us. You can join our club management, IT team, Gym administration, PR department, HR department and many others.

We do not just provide the internet connection, we also take care of providing enough opportunities for you to enjoy free time activities. You can visit our music rehearsal studio, our famous Pod-O-Gym, our new workroom Pod-O-Lab and many others.

On top of that, we organise various social, cultural and sports events. However, the Podolí dormitory is property of CTU. It is being administered by SUZ ČVUT (The Service Facilities Administration of the Czech Technical University in Prague) throughout the whole year.

Please, if you find a defect anywhere in the Podolí dormitory, use the defect reporting system to let us know.

Přístup do Hydry najdeš zde. Zjistíš zde například jaké členské příspěvky máš zaplacené a jaká zařízení mají povolené připojení k naší síti.

Here you can access the Hydra. There you can find for example list of paid memberships and which of your devices have enabled network access.

I guess you are hungry after all the reading. Just check the daily menu of our canteen. Or simply go there right away, our canteen is only a few steps away from your room, in the building with the huge sign saying “MENZA”.

If you have any kind of problem with paying for club membership, please write email to

Wiki could be good for you as well

Orientation guide could be good for you as well.

Whether you are a student or a self-payer and you need help with anything, or you want to be at every event held at our dorm, or just meet and have fun with other great people, join our facebook group: Pod-O-Lee Official.

Join your block facebook group too, so you don’t miss informations regarding block activities: Blok A, Blok B, Blok C, Blok D, Blok E, Blok F.

Photos and videos from events and life at our dorm can be found on the club’s Instagram: pod_o_lee.

We also have Discord server, if you want to play some game with your friends from dorm or just chat:

Club events calendar

Dormitory area map