If you have any problems with paying club’s membership, write email to platby@pod.cvut.cz.

Payment information

If you want to use services of club Pod-O-Lee, you have to pay fees every six months (payment season) of the calendar year.

  • For first half of a year you can pay from 1. January to 30. June with validity of the membership to 15. October.
  • For second half of a year you can pay from 1. July to 31. December with validity of the membership to 15. March (of the next year).

We would like to remind you that money transfer via bank account may take up to 3 days. If the payment won’t transfer up to the last day of payment season, as written above, you lose access to all services until the transfer is finished. It is therefore better to not wait until the last day of payment season.

How to pay

RECOMMENDED: You can use QR code payment in your Hydra account: https://hydra.pod.cvut.cz/membership/payments.

More traditionally:

  • Transfer via bank account (RECOMMENDED)
  • Via cash in one of Fio bank branches (fee is 90 Kč)
  • Via cash in some other bank branches (Not recommended. Other banks might ask for higher fees)
  • Payment via postal order is not possible – all such payments will be ignored

In case of paying from foreign account please be aware of fees. Do not pick payment SHA. Membership and services are only active if you pay the exact price.

For payment you need to know

Bank account number: 99919040/2010

Prices of the services and specific symbols (SS) for each service:

  • Basic Membership – 200 Kč, specific symbol: 1
  • Internet (academical net) – 600 Kč, specific symbol: 2
  • Pod-O-Gym – 800 Kč, specific symbol: 3
  • Musical Room – 300 Kč, specific symbol: 4

Variable symbol: To access this number you will have to login to your Hydra account. It is your Hydra ID.

Use of ANY service is under a condition of paying the Basic Membership.

If you want to use more than one service and you want to pay together simply add together the individual fees for each service. For example: You want to use Internet and Gym then add 600 Kč + 800 Kč plus of course Basic Membership 200 Kč = 1600 Kč. And for specific symbol write: 123

Signature of the Club’s Membership

Every new member will be introduced to the rules and regulations of the club Pod-O-Lee. Understanding of these rules he will then confirm with his signature on the document. With this signature he is also giving a permission to the club Pod-O-Lee to handle his personal informations. Validity of your signature is 7 years. Using any service is under a condition you had in fact registered and signed this document.

These documents are available in rooms of “televizors”. Televizors are people who are handling registrations for services and internet problems. Every block (A-F) has list of them opposite to the main entrance on a board.

Pardoning fees for services

Club’s board can forgive fees for member(s) of club Pod-O-Lee in case said member(s) perform activity useful for the club Pod-O-Lee.

If you had a project in mind, do not hesitate to write us mail at predstavenstvo@pod.cvut.cz.